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Uploads and Downloads
Racer Screenshots
Racer FAQ's

Racer is software customized to automate your uploads to and downloads from the Pacer system.

How does it work? Racer will log in to Pacer to upload documents from a directory or file listing. Results will be written to a log file and Racer will also create a receipt for each upload so that you can easily see the success of each file. If there is an instance where Racer is unable to upload a particular document, it will provide an explanation in the log file.

Racer will also download files from reports to allow for quick and easy printing. Instead of having to open each PDF file and print it—a time-consuming process for the operator—set Racer the task and time is freed up to complete other tasks.

Is it secure? Yes! Prior to each session, Racer will ask you to input your login ID and password, which will be encrypted. Racer will then use this information to login to this session.

To see screenshots of Racer, click here

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